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We'll help you source quality products at a great margin. With over 40 offices in China, we have boots on the ground and direct relationships with factories and suppliers.

US offices in Ontario, California and Lehi, Utah

5.  Monthly Top Products Newsletter

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Each month you’ll receive our top products email.  These are products that have been researched and chosen by our sourcing specialists.  Each product is chosen because its selling well on Amazon and is something that we can source for you at a great margin.  Our top products email is designed to help you find and source profitable products for your business.  Below is an example of top selling product.

1.  Access to thousands of vetted manufactures in China

Through our parent company,, we have relationships with thousands of manufacturers and factories in China. was founded in 1998 and has spent over 20 years vetting factories and building relationships.  By joining, you get the power and leverage of a company that’s been sourcing from China for more than 2 decades.

The problem with Alibaba and going direct

1.  Once you are put in contact with the factory, you are on your own to negotiate. Online marketplaces make the introduction but leave the rest of the transaction in your hands. That means it is up to you to vet the factory and make sure you’re getting quality product. You could fly to China and visit that factory, but that can be very expensive.

When you become a member, we take care of all of this for you. 

2. Buyer Protection Coverage

When people are starting out, they often wonder about the quality of products that they’ll get from China.  Don’t worry.  Our Buyer Protection has you covered.  We thoroughly review all products prior to shipping to the US for defects and to make sure they are correct.  We guarantee both quality assurance and on-time delivery.

3. Exclusive Content

We regularly produce exclusive content for our members to help them learn to how improve their business.

4. Showroom Event

When you become a member, you’re invited to come to our monthly showroom events in our warehouse in Ontario, California.  You’ll learn about product sourcing and tour our showroom to see a selection of products from our suppliers.

There are two main problems with using marketplaces like Alibaba to source from China.

2.  Shipping to the US. Most of the pricing that you see on Alibaba and other marketplaces doesn’t include shipping to the US. The price quoted will say FOB, which means the supplier pays for shipping to the nearest Chinese port. It is then up to the buyer(you) to find and pay for freight shipping across the ocean and ground shipping to your warehouse. It is also up to you to pay for any taxes, tariffs or import fees for bringing the goods into the United States.

To solve this problem, all of our
pricing includes all shipping and fees to get your product from China to your warehouse in the US. This includes shipping to Amazon FBA. 

- Top performing products and new arrival recommendation

Door to door shipping

High quality valued items directly from manufacturers                               

Goods located in U.S. warehouse/China warehouse                

Mixed wholesale, ability to mix various items                                  

Low minimum order quantity              

Drop Shipping programs                  

Product customization, including white/private label                                  

Cardboard Display Stand purchasing 

Warehouse and showroom tour event- Reseller Expo & Open House 

Group buys                            

Digital documents such as product sales materials, packaging and instructions

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